Monday, June 30, 2008

up, up, and away

after two and a half years of depending the "passy" for comfort and security, olivia has finally given it up. just so you can understand what a BIG deal this was, here is a look back at Olivia and her love of "passy."

as you can see, she and the "passy" had a special bond.

i have know for along time that we needed to break this bond so, about a month ago we started having the conversation about the pacifier going away. i told olivia that when the pacifiers would be going away and when they went away they would be gone forever. her response was, "like balloons, mommy." "yes," i said, "like balloons." so the idea was born-- put the pacifiers in balloons and send them into the sky and out of our house!

after days of preparation, the day finally came, olivia and i went to the "balloon store" (a.k.a. party city). she picked a special balloon for each pacifier (red balloon for the red pacificer, blue balloon for the blue pacifier, and so on), and after some crazy looks from the teenage boy working the balloon counter, we left with a handful pacifier-filled helium balloons.

as soon as we pulled into the garage, olivia was ready and excited to let the balloons and pacifiers go- so without any further delay we launched the balloons. the pacifiers went
up, up, and away.
look how cute she is waving good-bye.

to many this may seem like a HUGE production for such a small thing, but i am really proud of olivia for being such a big girl and "letting go" of her "passies." so far olivia is doing great! just few sad moments before nap #1 with no "passy" and bedtime is getting easier every day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

now available online-bowlin juicy details

so, after much persuasion and encouragement i am going to join this crazy blogging world. yes, i can't believe i am committing to it, but i have been promised "blog support" whenever i need it, so why not! i figure it will be a fun way for my family and friends to stay connected to our family especially those that we don't get see very often. and i love reading what's going on in my friends lives, so i'm in! with that said, i am making no promises about how often i will blog, if the content will be interesting let alone grammatically correct, and i can promise a spelling error from time to time, but if you want to see what is happening in the life our sweet family you can check us out here and stay connected.

i am pretty sure that all who are reading this know me, so you might be thinking why "bowlin juicy details?" well, i wanted our family blog to have a fun and creative name, and to be honest, "thebowlinfamily" was not available, so i had to start thinking outside the box. the most interesting members of our family are our two sweet children- olivia, 2 1/2 years, and jack, 5 weeks. since most of the entries will be about them, i thought the address should include their names in some way. if you put olivia and jack's initials together you get "OJ." my brain thinks orange juice, not simpson. at first, i thought maybe the blog name could be something with orange juice. but then thought, no that is just completely random, so one early morning (about 4:30 a.m.) while feeding jack, it came to me- "juicy details." yes, that's it!! "juicy" for olivia and jack and "details" for the events of our life because that is what i will be sharing. so there you have it, the creation of "bowlin juicy details."

like i said, who knows how this will go, but i am going to give it a try. please stop by again soon to see what's going on and get all the "juicy details" of our life with a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn!

i know this is the pic at the top of the blog, but i couldn't have my first post without including at least one pic and this is the only good one i have of my 2 babes.