Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a kindergarten field trip...

went a little something like this... after completing a social studies unit on "neighborhoods" it is only natural to go on field trip "walk" around the neighborhood and observe all the things you have been learning about inside the classroom.  i was so happy to have the chance to go on this adventure with olivia and her class.  the teacher part of me loved listening to the students see all the things they had been reading and talking about and making some great connections.  besides it being a fun learning experience for the students, it made me appreciate our little neighborhood, the great paths along the creek, the ducks, and the fun park that we drive past all the time.  here a few of my iPhone pics from the afternoon...
miranda and o.  they were field trip buddies ready to begin the neighborhood walk.
and we were off.  o's class enjoying one of the many paths by the creek.

we finally made it to the park and olivia couldn't wait to climb the wall.
allison and olivia.  they are school bffs and LOVE to play together.
because of lots of cold wet weather we did have reschedule several times, but i am so glad we finally got to go on the neighborhood walk.  perfect weather (finally). fantastic kiddos. and a fun memory shared with my most precious kindergarten girl.  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the loves of my life...

are these three...

my love, mark.
my little love, olivia.
and my littlest love, jack.
and although i was never into valentine's day when it was just mark and i (is that sad?), i love doing something special on valentine's day now.  every holiday is just more fun with my kids.  we still don't make a HUGE deal on this day, but we have begun a tradition of a yummy candlelit meal at home with chocolate fondue for dessert plus a few cheesy decorations .  it is the only time all year that we have fondue and now the kids really look forward to it.

after dinner, cupid usually leaves a little something for o and j.  this year it was new hooded bath towels.  they were thrilled with them and i love that it was something practical.  :)

jack the monkey and olivia the owl.
happy valentine's day!  xoxoxoxo