Thursday, July 5, 2012

fourth fun...

we spent the weekend and days leading up to the fourth of july at the lake with my family.  it was relaxing and low key, therefore, i did not take any pictures.  :(  we enjoyed time with nana and gramps, played in the pool, watched movies, a few visits to the farm, and celebrated mark's birthday.  it was great!!

on the fourth we headed back to dallas and were thinking we would have a low key fourth of july, but then we decided to call our friends, the blairs.  they had plans to go to las colinas  and watch the fireworks from jeff's office building.  that sounded fun AND we got an invitation, so we tagged along.  we had a wonderful time together, even if we did have to wait a LONG time for the actual fireworks to start. ;)

laura took some great pictures of the kids and our family.  i love fourth of july pictures because everyone is tan from the summer and red, white, and blue are great colors.

kate and jack.  sweet friends.

our little family

o and j

the girls.  olivia and kate.

waiting for the fireworks. 

thanks blairs for allowing us to tag along on your fourth of july fun.  we had a great time!!