Tuesday, June 8, 2010

bowlin family fun night...

at benihana!!

yes, people still go there. no, you don't have to be in junior high, although it does seem to be a popular spot for junior highers. it doesn't even have to be your birthday- but they do have a funny birthday song that you will most likely hear if you dine there. you can be a little family that likes for meals to be an event and want for your 2 and 4 year old to be entertained while the meal lasts more than 20 minutes. :) i am aware that for most families an evening at benihana would be to celebrate some occasion, for us it is a place where a meal can be enjoyed out without tears (most of the time), everyone loves their food and cleans their plates, and an added bonus it is within walking distance from daddy's office. :) we are fans of "beniha-ha," as o likes to call it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sum, sum, summer time...

it is here!! i am aware that summer doesn't really begin until middle of june, but i think, like most people, memorial weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer. we spent ours at the lake...

spending time with the fifers and the bowlins,

playin' on the lake,
jack and christman on the tube- going very slow!! oh how different my children are! :)
abby and o. love how abby is signaling to slow down while o is saying go faster. how the times have changed!
the girls swimmin', squirtin', and splashin' in the lake.

and we even played some baseball!
jack sitting on "second base."
and running home!!

of course we relaxed some too! it was a great weekend and we can't wait for many more weekends at the lake. yay for summer!!

this weekend was about family and i know for many they were missing apart of their family. i am so thankful and grateful for the many men and women who serve our country and those who have lost their lives defending our freedoms.