Friday, February 20, 2009

some random thoughts...

i haven't posted in a few days and i have a few random thoughts on my mind to share with anyone who cares to read...

#1 mystic tanning: yes, i can't really believe i am admitting it, but i recently went to palm beach tan and did the mystic tan (you know, salon quality spray tanning). why? well, mark and i are going to mexico with some friends in few days and that means rest and relaxation, all good and much needed, but it also means bathing suits! yuck! i am totally dreading it and after a few glances in the mirror i decided that tan fat might look just a bit better than white fat, so mystic tanning was my quick solution. yes, it was quick and it looks ok, but the experience was something else. i was standing in a booth, concentrating on all the crazy instructions (turn right, rotate left, arms out, etc.), thinking did i put enough of the blocking lotion on my hands and feet so they don't look orange and streaky, breathing crazy amounts of chemicals, and about to pass out from trying to only breathe when absolutely necessary. all for orangish brown tint that i keep telling myself looks like a tan. did i mention, i am going back form spray down #2 tomorrow. #2 is supposed to even out the "tan". why do i keep lying to myself? my body is still going to look less than disarable in the bathing suit and this "tan" is certain to look fake. oh well maybe when i am on the beach reading a gossip magazine or a book i will forget all about how bad i will look! :)

#2 my niece, abby: i love abby for several reasons as most of you know because i write about her often. this week i have been such a proud aunt once again. sarah (her mom) has done a blog post about her precious artwork. so cute and creative. i love her writing and inventive spelling too! besides her awesome artwork, this week abby had a "p.e. performance" at her school. i didn't want to miss the chance to see her perform, so i cut dinner short and sped down plano road not to be late. i was literally running across the parking lot with jack on my hip and dragging olivia behind me while she was holding my other hand. don't worry we didn't miss a thing. in fact we got to sit through the entire PTA meeting- good times. finally after all the business was complete we moved to the gym for the big show. she was by far the cutest kindergarter in the whole gym. she was adorable, yet so intense never taking her eyes off her coach. the whole performance lasted about 7 minutes, but i am so glad i was there to cheer her on and support her. i just love sbby and i am so proud of the little girl that she is!!

#3 laundry: i hate it!! i really shouldn't complain because my husband does the laundry. he is amazing i know. he sorts, changes it out, folds, and even puts it away. i know you are all jealous and you should be, but i still hate it. it never ends and the process makes my house a complete mess. there are clothes everywhere. there are piles ready to be put in the washer or there are stacks of clean laundry waiting to be put away. it is just no fun and i don't like it!! there are different theories about how to make laundry more effient-- "do a little each day" or "do it all once a week." both have their pros and cons, but honestly i don't care for either. in my opinion it is by far the WORST household chore around!!

wow, this is really boring! thanks to anyone who actually reads past #1 and cares about my random thoughts.

i'll post all about our fun trip to mexico and all the good times my kids have with nana and gramps when i get back. adios amigos!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the best days...

are the days spent with kk. at least if you ask olivia that is what she would say. kk is olivia's cousin, but she is also her bff. kk came over last week and the girls had such a fun time playing together i got out the camera to capture their special friendship.

all dressed up and on their phones making BIG plans. i think they both "called" abby to see what they should do...

kk, we sure love it when you come over, you make a regular day lots more fun! love you!!

happy birthday christman!!

you are one of my most favorite people and now you are 40!!!

"when i think of christman i think of dr. pepper, tools, chocolate, the love he has for his girls, labs, a shared appreciation for good food, football, plans to destroy and rebuild, his loud diesel truck, Micah 6:8, boots, and thoughtful text messages."
(my quote from his party that i think sums up christman)

we have celebrated this special occasion, but really we have been celebrating how special christman is to all of us. sarah threw him a super fabulous surprise party last friday night, there will be several birthday dinners, and i am sure his girls will do something great for him today. but i want to tell everyone what i love about christman. i love christman because he is an incredible husband who loves his wife so well; he is a great dad that loves his girls unconditionally; he is a supportive little brother to his two big brothers; he is one of three sons that make his parents so proud; he is a loyal and faithful friend to so many; christman is an awesome uncle and makes the faces of o and j light up when he is around; and the thing i love most about christman is his generousity toward our family and to everyone he comes in contact with.
christman with his most favorite girls in the whole world.

happy birthday christman! i love you! so glad you are such special part of my life.

suds and bubbles...

make bath time fun and into a photo op. jack absolutely LOVES the bath. he splashes and smiles the entire time he is in the tub. olivia likes it too, but now that she and jack can play together it makes bath time even better. they were having so much fun the other night that mark got the camera to capture the fun...

olivia loves it when daddy "styles" her hair. looks good, right?

not enough hair to "style" yet, but still a cutie pie with all those bubbles.

lots of smiles, songs, and bubbles make bath time one of the best parts of the day around here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

love is in the air...

even though fever kept us away from valentine's parties at school we have still been celebrating this holiday all about love. olivia worked really hard writing her name on all her valentine cards for her friends at school and every member of our family. actually, if we have ever met you and she remembers your name you probably have a valentine around our house somewhere.

it's backwards, but i am so proud of olivia for teaching herself how to write her name. she's a lefty, so this might be a challenge for awhile, but maybe the teacher in me will have some brillant idea soon to remedy this issue.

the valentine celebration continued...

olivia spent the night with nana and gramps last night (friday) so mark and i could go out to dinner and she just had to take her new baking supplies to make a very valentine cake... thanks to abby, kk, and rara for the fun heart pan, spatulas, and sprinkles!!

when we went to pick o and j up today (valentine's day) mark brought her flowers and a purple heart balloon. she was thrilled! and right now as i type she and mark are out on a "date."

happy valentine's day everyone! hope you are spending the day with someone you love, doing something you love!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

spring weather in january...

is one of the great reasons to live in texas. we have had an unseasonably warm january and february so the kids and i have been taking advantage of it by spending time outside. olivia loves to play in the backyard, ride her scooter, and go for walks around the neighborhood. jack also loves to take walks, so we try and go frequently.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

baylor basketball...

is our new favorite family outing. since olivia loved baylor football and literally cried when the last game was over we decided that we would try some baylor basketball. it is so much fun!! olivia can still get popcorn and big red, so she is thrilled. jack is totally stimulated by the lights, announcements, game action, and the band, so he is content. mark and i love being in waco, sharing our love for the bears with our kids, and seeing great friends, so we are happy. it is a win win for all! we made it down for several games and might catch a few more before the season is over. here are a few of my favorite pics we have taken...

a really great fake smile while doing "sic em bears."

the cutest baylor fans EVER!! (well at least mark and i think so.)

i just love this pic of my two favorite boys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

jumpin' jack...

loves to eat real peas...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my poor babies...

are sick!!

jack after church on sunday...
he gave up on drinking his bottle (nestled on his side) and went straight for his thumb and a nap.

olivia on the way home from being picked up from school on monday morning.
i am officially the WORST mom because i sent her to school at 9:00 and by 9:38 they called me to come and get her.

mark is out of town for 3 days and so right on cue both of my kids are sick. really i don't blame him, but seriously how does this happen every time he leaves the dallas area. oh well! after 2 full days of lots of tylenol, trips the doctor's office, noggin, and pink bubble gum and orange sherbet amoxicillin, i am confident things are getting better around here.