Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat...

that is about all we did to celebrate halloween this year.  now that the kids are getting older,  o is in kindergarten, we don't have our playgroup get togethers AND o caught a yucky stomach bug on october 30 so she didn't get to go to our church's pumpkin bash or go to school on halloween, halloween night was the ONLY time we put on costumes and got all dressed up.  luckily, o was back to her sweet self and was able to trick-or-treat that night.  we headed over to the fifer's house to spend the evening with abby and kk (rara and christman too!).  it was lots of fun and i was glad we were able to dress up at least once and snap some pictures!!
my darling ladybug and ferocious dinosaur.

did you know that a cowgirl and a ladybug could be bffs?

the crew before meeting up with boys next door and heading out to fill our pumpkins.

these two sure love to be together.  the biggest and littlest.

happy halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my gram millie...

is no longer a lunch date or phone call away, and that breaks my heart when i really think about how deeply i will miss her always being here for me.  but i was privileged and so blessed to have had so many years with her and now she is with jesus and that is really something to celebrate.  we shared a very close and special relationship.  i will never forget the many ways she influenced who i am today-- love friends like family, treat yourself to a new outfit from time to time, stand up for what your are passionate about, and be generous with your life, love, resources, and talents.  tuesday morning she passed away and tomorrow we will celebrate her life at her memorial service.

i love you gram!!

On October 25, 2011 we lost a strong, fun, feisty, and loved member of our close family. Mildred “Millie” Terrabassi passed away to congestive heart disease after 95 years of caring for every one of us. “I am so blessed to have been loved so truly and so deeply.” These simple words by her granddaughter, Stephanie, encompass how Millie lived each and every day of her life. The love she showed to each individual person in her life brought warmth to the hearts of everyone who knew her. 

Mildred Terrabassi was born August 29, 1916 in Kingston, Nova Scotia. From an early age, however, if you called her by her given name she would quickly correct you. “The name is Millie,” she would say. She made her opinions clear and was not ashamed to tell you, and show you, the things she cared mostly deeply about: her family, her faith, beautiful clothes, crunchy Cheetos, peanut M&Ms, giving generous gifts, toasted sandwiches, and fashion advise. 

Millie’s love for her family went beyond the typical family relationship. Every member of her family felt profoundly special to her. After a common family get together,  each person would leave with a token of how important they were to her life. Her son in-law, Mike, would walk away smelling of White Diamonds perfume and feeling like he was the best “white” pizza maker in the world, the way she lavished over it. Her granddaughter, Stephanie, would walk away with the feeling she had just spent time with her best friend, someone who had been by her side and loved every important moment in her life. Her great-grandson, Jack, would leave with red lipstick all over his smiling face and a lollipop in hand that he found tucked away in Gram Millie’s purse… saved just for him. Her great-granddaughter, Olivia, would leave feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world, because that is what she was told by Gram Millie every day. She would have the prettiest dress tucked under her arm and a matching bow already in her hair. Her grandson, Sean, would leave knowing it wouldn’t be long before Millie called his phone, wanting to know how his day went. Even though he just left her, she wanted to keep up with every aspect of his life. Her daughter, Nancy, would leave knowing the strength her mother showed everyone else was passed down especially to her, a legacy she will always cherish.

Millie leaves her loved ones behind to join her husband, Terry, of 67 years and her son, Bobby, in God’s kingdom. While missed greatly, she will never be forgotten as the memories, the unconditional love, the lipstick stains, and the scent of her perfume will linger for a lifetime. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

state fair highlights...

our trips to the state fair are becoming some what predicable, but they are still so much fun!!  this year we went with b & pop (we missed the fifers-- sniff, sniff) and headed down to the fair grounds one afternoon right after we picked up o from school.  the weather was perfect, the crowds were small, and the corny dogs were delicious.  here are the highlights from our trip to "the great state fair of texas" (that is what olivia calls it!!)
o's first choice at the midway- generic dumbo ride.  she loved it just as much as she did in disneyworld.  :)
next up-- o and j in the miller lite bumper cars.  this pic was before the ride really began.   once it started they were both giggling and laughing the entire time.
the guys rode the log ride- jack, mark, and pop.  olivia is not a fan so b, olivia, and i just watched and took pictures.  :)
finally time to eat!!  pop and o enjoying their corny dogs soon followed by the best cinnamon roll ever!!  later a fried moon pie for mark and a carmel apple for me.  i am pretty sure the kids ate something else too, i can't remember.
no trip to the fair is complete without a picture in front of big tex.  say "howdy!!"
our car-loving jack could not get enough of the car show.  o loved climbing in and out of the cars too.  what is it about being a kid and pretending to drive that is soooo much fun?
then off to owen's farm to feed the animals.  always a highlight for the kids.  i just hate the smell and feel so dirty when we are done.  :) 
and of course we had to go on trip to the "little hands farm." the kids worked hard on the farm-- picking fruit, milking the cow, feeding the animals, and planting some seeds.  
after all that we headed back to the kiddie midway to spend the rest of our coupons on a few more rides  then we waved good-bye to the big ferris wheel, said "see ya next year!" to big tex and headed home.