Saturday, June 30, 2012

pine cove base camp...

kk and olivia the first morning.
mark and sarah (mark's sister) grew up going to pine cove christian camps.  then they both served as counselors while they were in college.  this camp holds lots of special memories and more importantly a place where they both grew closer to jesus.  all that to say, mark has been counting down the years until olivia could experience pine cove.  this year she was old enough to do base camp.  base camp is here in dallas at a local church, from 9-4 each day.  they get to do all the fun things that happen at overnight camp but they are close to home and still get to sleep in their own beds at night.

olivia and kingsley signed up and were thrilled to go to pine cove.  they had an amazing week!!  the highlights for olivia were being there with her cousin, her counselor- bedazzle!, the euro-bungee, and club (worship).
peri and olivia on the rec field.

olivia's cabin after getting their nails done.
kk and o during water inflatables.
bedazzle sharing with the group all the character traits she sees god developing in olivia.  very sweet and encouraging.
kk, olivia, liza, and peri.  soccer friends are now camp friends too!
kk, bedazzle, and o

such a great week!!  now she says she is ready to go to spend the night camp next year.  we shall see about that, but i am so grateful that she had such a fun week all centered around knowing christ more.