Friday, November 30, 2012

november iPhone pics...

our favorite moments and memories from november, brought to you once again from my iPhone...

(they are not great pictures, but i am prego and can't seem to remember our good "real" camera anywhere we go!)

jack showed off his singing and musical talent at church one sunday night.  his church choir class praised god with their voices and made beautiful music.  it was precious hearing all the 4 year olds sing from their hearts.

jack waving at his "fan club" sitting in the audience.
part one of the fan club- nana, chrissie, and nana's high school bff, joanne.
part two of the fan club- bowlins and fifers.  b, ra-ra, christman, abby, and pop
thanksgiving chapel at jack's school... 
praying and thanking god for his many blessings. 
our thanksgiving table at the lake with the fifers and bowlins.  love thanksgiving at the lake.
amazing cake balls at blanchette family thanksgiving @ the farm.
my BIG girl who picked out such a darling outfit for school.