Tuesday, September 27, 2011

celebrating baby w...

my best friend stacie is expecting her first little baby girl in early december.  i could not be more excited to meet this sweet little one and watch stacie become the most wonderful mommy ever!!  this past weekend several of her close friends hosted a baby shower in her honor.  since stac is a teacher and her mom is one of the most talented educators i have ever known, we thought a book themed baby shower would be a perfect way to celebrate baby and mommy-to-be.  i was lucky enough to host the party at my house, but each of these ladies played a HUGE role in making the shower a success...
allison, cathrine, me, stacie, erin, kandy, and kristy
here are some of the little details from this special afternoon...
the food table-yummy! all our food coordinated with a children's book.    jamberry cheese dip, chicka chicka boom chicken salad, the very hungry caterpillar fruit salad, tops&bottoms veggie tray and salad, and we didn't forget dessert- pecan bars and pinkalicious cupcakes.
fancy nancy beverage table (beverage is the fancy word for drinks) :) and my favorite detail- the bookmark and book garland.  we had this strung in several places throughout the house.
here is a close up of the garland.  we gave the bookmarks as favors to all our guests.  
each of the guests wrote their wishes for baby w and we made them into a little keepsake book.  i loved reading everyone's wishes.  they were sweet, creative, and some were hilarious.  :)
everyone was very generous and gave stacie such wonderful, heartfelt, and practical gifts to help her prepare for baby w's arrival.  
and each guest also brought a book in place of a card to build baby w's home library.  we hope that she will enjoy these books for years to come.
it was such an honor for me to apart of this special day for stacie.  she has been a loyal and faithful friend for more than 10 years- attending more showers for me than i can count.  :)  i hope that she felt loved, supported, and celebrated.  now we wait... and pray for baby w to make her way into the world.

happy baby shower stac!!  i hope you are preparing little waddell for how much her auntie steph loves her and will want to hold her.  love you sweet friend!!