Thursday, September 1, 2011

jack's turn...

for the back to school activities to begin!  he has been asking everyday since o started kindergarten when he gets to start school.  i am as pleased as he is to say that TUESDAY is his first day.  i have loved spending time with him these last two weeks, but it will be good for both of us to have two days a week where we get a little time apart. :) and school is so great for him- structure, socialization, art, music, gross-motor, etc.  today we went to meet his teachers and explore his new classroom before the official first day.

it was a little strange to walk into this familiar place and only have ONE preschooler holding my hand, having only ONE classroom to visit, and ONE set of teachers to meet and greet.  each day it hits me in a different way, i have a KINDERGARTENER and a PRESCHOOLER.  i am now split between two schools- two worlds- elementary (the real world) and preschool.  :)

he has two very sweet teachers- ms. wilson and ms. taylor.  kk had these two ladies as her 3 year old preschool teachers and LOVED them.  jack thinks it is really fun that he and kk will have had the same teachers. :)  he was very shy and timid at first, hiding behind my legs and squeezing my hand.   soon enough he was feeling comfortable and started playing and looking around his new classroom!!  he only let me take one picture...

i'm hoping for one with his teachers the first day of school, but not setting my expectations too high. :)

we are looking forward to a great year- jack's first year in preschool!  (it's officially called preschool now, not mothers-day-out.)