Sunday, September 18, 2011

go team lyon!!

in case you were wondering... the soccer season is going great!!  o is loving her soccer friends, has scored a few goals, and looks ADORABLE in her game day uniform.  here are a few pictures from the first couple of games.  go team lyon!!!
 olivia, liza, and kingsley- sweet friends!
 getting a little pep talk and game plan from coach john. 
 love this one of olivia and ava encouraging each other with a "5."
 action shot of o kicking the ball.  good form, right?
and this is the priceless look of o coming off the field after scoring her first goal- proud and a little embarrassed with all her cheering fans.  :)


Amy Mc said...

I'm gonna admit it...I said Lion at first. Then I remembered it's Lee-on! haha