Monday, September 12, 2011

jack @ the gym...

now that olivia is in school and her activity (soccer) is in the evening, it has freed up some time during the day for jack to have some fun when he is not at preschool.  the sad truth is, olivia and her interests have been our priority for the at least the last year or two, so now it's time for jack.  sure jack and i did little gym when he was teeny, but it has been a while since he took a class.  he just turned 3 and we (our family) are not ready for the commitment that comes with team sports,(weekly practices and games AND equipment) soooo gymnastics it is!!  sure it is not the most manly of sports, and mark gave me "that look" when i suggested it, but it is once a week, for one hour, in an climate controlled building, AND my/his friends are there too!!  we went to a trail class today to see if he was going to like it... and he LOVED it!!
 stretching and doing a great job listening to his coach.
all smiles and very proud of himself at the end of the class, about to get TWO stamps for a job well done!

the class was great.  his teacher was very sweet and encouraging.  jack has already told olivia all about his class and is asking me when he gets to go back.  yay!!  :)  sooo, monday mornings you'll find jack @ the gym.  


SarahFifer said...

Wow! Kingsley and RaRa think that is so cute. WE want to come see jack do gymnastics some day!