Wednesday, September 7, 2011

jack's first day of preschool...

was great!!  sadly, i don't have many pictures to document the morning... jack is not into pictures at all right now.

 this was what he did when i asked him to pose for a picture before leaving for school. :(
 with a little bit of bribery... i got this!! :)
 then we found his hook and he proudly hung up his backpack, and decided his napmat needed to go on the ground.  
and finally it was time for him to go into his class.  he was greeted by his sweet teacher, ms. wilson and she told him to find his name and put his lunchbox in its special spot.  he gave me a quick wave good-bye and then was off to follow ms. wilson's instructions.

before i knew it the hours had passed and it was time to pick him up.  he came running to the door with a big grin on his face and couldn't wait to tell me about all the fun he had.  that made me smile!  once again, i am so thankful for loving teachers and a smooth transition to the start of another school year.  jack is going to have a wonderful year as a REAL preschooler.